After writing my last essay on the union of the Gothic, Expressionism and Vampires in media and how the portrayal of vampires has ventured from barbaric to beautiful, I decided to continue my interest into my final major project. Influenced by Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997), German Expressionism cinema and crumbling Gothic architecture, I began to conjure up characters, settings, tour posters and tickets for my own fictional “Lifestyles of the 21st Century Vampire” concept album. I focused on the narrative aspect of the concept and wanted my vampires to be relatable and diverse and embody the sympathetic vampire seen in Ann Rice novels. This concept album features songs that tell the story of a newly turned vampire and her encounters with my interpretations of Carmilla, Dracula, Louis and Nosferatu. 


All in all, it was exciting to explore my own interpretations of classic vampires from gothic literature as well as my own. Being able to freely structure my own project allowed me to sharpen my visual communication skills - and I look forward to sharpening them further in the future. While this project didn’t come out the way I had initially wanted or expected, I’m still proud of what I managed to create during the pandemic.